Miles Votek is a ceramic and stop motion animation artist from Sonoma Mountain, California. Miles has a background in mold and model making in the special effects industry, working for companies like Disney, Tippett Studios, and Kernerworks. After receiving his BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in painting and printmaking, Miles received an NEA scholarship to study in Europe with sculptor Greg Wyatt. He then when on to work at the Kohler Arts and Industry Program assisting Imagist artist John Himmelfarb in making his cast iron truck sculptures. Back in California, Miles worked on Max Winston’s I Live in the Woods, a stop motion short that premiered at Sundance in 2009. While living in San Francisco, Miles ran an alternative arts and music venue called Bluxome Point between 2010 to 2012. As artist-in-residence at the Sonoma Community Center in 2014 he taught hand built ceramics classes. In Yucca Valley Miles started a functional sculptural ceramics business called Eroded Earth and worked for artists Andrea Zittel and Alma Allen. Miles has been living in Los Angeles since 2015 working both for stop motion animation studios on projects like Amazon’s Tumble Leaf, Stoopid Buddy’s Robot Chicken, and Netflix’s Wendell and Wild and for ceramic artists Anna Sew Hoy, Liz Larner, and Shio Kusaka. Miles and his wife Caitlin have been working on an experimental documentary for the last six years titled Atlantis Risen soon to be completed.

miles.votek @ gmail [dot] com